About Us

"Changing The World One Lawn At a Time"

Welcome to Lawncare For The World

Where morals meet superior quality

There’s just some things that money cant buy.

At the end of the day we are all in this together and when aid is provided to those that truly need it something magical happens. Hope…

Hope for better days regardless of whats causing the need for aid to begin with


Pencil Sharpeners
Exercise Books


No Donations Required!

We just need your shot at satisfaction with any of your outdoor needs!

We do the rest. You get to sit back with your professionally maintained and Installed Landscaping and watch something beautiful happen

Say Hello to our friends over at Aunt Elvi Mikkola Primary, all the way in Rukungiri, Uganda! This video is what lifes all about!


The Future

In the days ahead we wish to provide aid in all aspects of society such as clean water, renewable energy, medical research, environmental preservation & Restoration, and everything else you see this World might Need.

Our Focus at the moment is Water, Food, and Education. The primary Building blocks of progress. No one should go to bed hungry and no one should be able to miss out on the education needed to fix that.

Together we will....
"Change The World One Lawn At a Time"