Artifical Turf

Achieve the perfect lawn with premium artificial turf solutions from LCFTW. Our artificial turf offers the ideal combination of natural aesthetics and low maintenance, providing a lush, green lawn all year round without the hassle of mowing, watering, or fertilizing. Engineered with the latest technology, our synthetic grass is durable, UV-resistant, and pet-friendly, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance in any climate. Whether for residential or commercial applications, our expert installation team ensures flawless results that enhance curb appeal and maximize outdoor enjoyment. Say goodbye to watering bills and weekend chores – choose LCFTW for high-quality artificial turf that’s designed to impress. Contact us today for a consultation and discover why we’re the top choice for artificial grass solutions.

Not to mention, it is the gift that keeps on giving by saving you money on maintenance and most importantly your time!

Lets take a look at your savings:

  + 32 Services Per Season ($38/Service) = $1,216

  + Fertilization & Weed Control $55/Application X 6/year = $330

  + Thatching + Aeration. Once per year = $175

For Those with Sprinkler Systems

  + Winterizing, Repairs, and Water Bill= $500

That all comes to $2,221 Per Year!

$2,221 Per Year X 20 Years = $44,420 

$2,221 a year back in your pocket and the time spent worrying whether or not those tasks will be complete… GONE!

Artificial Turf is also great for those with dogs! No more digging and easy cleanup.