Over Seeding

Over-seeding AKA Lawn Rejuvenation. Over-seeding is a viable option for those that want to liven up their lawns without the costs associated with a complete lawn renovation.

Over-Seeding Steps

Step 1.  (Optional but Highly Recommended) Soil Test

There could be deficiencies that are causing your lawns lackluster to begin with. With a “Soil Test” we can diagnose these deficiencies and organize a plan to provide a solid foundation for your lawns soil to build off of.

Step 2. Mow the Lawn Shorter than usual/bag clippings

This provides a more direct connection for the newly germinated seeds we will apply in the next few steps.

Step 3. De-Thatch Lawn

Removing excess thatch and agitating the soil further improves the chance for seeds to take root. Will Also aid grass that is still there from before the process.

Step 4. Soil Amendment -1/4″ of the finest Topsoil we can get our hands on.

A vital step in Over-Seeding Procedure. We will top dress your entire lawn with the premium soil blend in order to provide a fluffy bed for the seed to sink its roots into. Will aid in the composition of the soil with organic material and nutrients

Step 5. Spread The Seed

The Icing on the cake. We spread the seed with the proper calibration best suited to the grass species we will be using for your Over-Seeding process.

Step 6. Feed & Water

We fertilize and make any corrections that the soil test entails. Proper nutrients to encourage the strongest growth for the newly planted seedlings. Adequately water than sit back and watch Mother Nature do what it does best!

“Changing The World One Lawn At a Time”